One of the features offered in the “About the Event” section is the Options tab. In this tab, you can edit a number of factors pertaining to your registrants. 

You may be familiar with the custom questions in Registration Items, which allows you to ask registrants questions during the cart process. By using the Options tab, you can automatically check a box that will ask each golfer to enter their Handicap (if this applies to your tournament). You can also add a Special Comments box in lieu of a Custom Question. This will also be displayed during the registration process and it could include a question or special instructions. The great thing about this feature is that you have the option of making it optional or required.  

To navigate to the Options section, simply log in to your event website, navigate to About the Event, and select the horizontal "Options" tab.  Once you are done making your updates, simply click "Update" at the bottom left of the Options section.

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