Our software allows you to plan all the little details of your golf tournament, which is tremendously helpful to both you and the golf course. Through the Registrants section, we give you the opportunity to assign individual tees to golfers. We provide the option of Course 1-4 and Tees 1a-18c. With this tool, you can have a fully customized tee sheet to bring to your tournament and keep the day organized.  

 To edit each individual tee position, select a registrant that has signed up any number of golfers. When you select the arrow next to that Registrant’s name, there should be a list of golfers, as well as some drop down menus that indicate the Course and Tee numbers. Choose the tee positions accordingly, usually based on who is grouped together. 

In this rare case, you do not need to select “Save” after assigning the tees—they will auto-update. You can always confirm by downloading the Tee Sheet on that very same page, which downloads as an Excel sheet much like the other reports. 

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