You may experience a situation as an event manager where one of your registrant opts to pay with a check rather than right on-site through your merchant account. Fortunately, we have made it easy to accommodate those people to make event management as seamless as possible (regardless of how the money gets to you). 

There are two different scenarios here: it could be that the individual already registered onsite and all they have left to do is pay. In this case, what you will do once you receive their check or payment directly, is go into the "Registrants" section in the back-end of your site. Scroll down the list to find their registration, open it up and add Admin notes. It is good to include the date the check was received and maybe the check number, just so you have this information on record.

Once the note is added, you will also want to mark that registrant "Paid" by clicking the box to the far right of the registrant's name. This will reflect on the records when you download the full report, and give you a more accurate depiction of the funds you have received. 

The other scenario would be if your registrant plans on paying by check but hasn't yet registered (and maybe is unaware of how to go about registering.) In this case, you will just register for the package(s) they are paying for by again, going to the Registrants section in the back-end of the site and clicking the blue "Add Registrant" button.  You can add admin notes, mark them as paid, etc. within the registration info section.  

As you can see, this process is simple and it just takes a few clicks to get those offline payments into your system.


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