If you are familiar with our software, then it is probably not news to you that you can ask your own custom questions during the registration process. This can be particularly helpful when you need to find out shirt sizes, dietary limitations, the registrant's affiliation with the cause---and everything in between! We have made it easy to add a custom question, which will show up during the cart process, and we've given you a couple options in regards to who that question can apply to. You can select either the "Registration" or the "Golfer". 

If you select the registration, then the question will be mandatory and will be asked with all of the other information about the registrant. When you select that the question be applied to the golfer, this question will be asked for each individual golfer that is included in the registration right after it asks for their name and email.

We do have a help file in order to walk you through the creation of a Custom Question, if you are unfamiliar you may want to start there to see how the whole thing works! This help file is to help you determine which report (from the Registrants section) will contain the answers to the custom questions you have added. 

 If you applied your question to the golfers, the answer to your custom question will appear on the Tee Sheet.

If you have applied your question to the registration, the answer to your custom question will appear on the Full Report. 

If you need any clarification on this process, always feel free to give BirdEase a call. We are happy to help!

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