If you're interested in accepting credit card payments, you'll be in love with BirdEase!  

We have integration with various merchant providers such as PayPal, Authorize.net and others.  If you have a current merchant provider with whom we have integration, you can simply enter your merchant account info into the Payment Options section of the BirdEase control panel.  When credit card funds come in through your BirdEase site, those funds live in your merchant account until they are "batched" into your normal bank account.  This typically happens weekly, monthly, or whenever you request. 

BirdEase also offers a payment portal which is very easy to set up, and does not require you to have a pre-existing merchant account.  The setup is super, super simple, just a few clicks and you're going to be set up to take credit card payments.  The money goes into an account for you, which can be automatically deposited into your normal bank account on a daily or weekly basis (whatever you choose during the setup process).  With this payment option, registrants are kept "on site" when making their payment, vs. something like PayPal which takes the registrant to their own payment portal.  

So all in all, it's a very straightforward setup take credit card payments.  

In addition to accepting credit cards, your registrants will have the option to print a customizable PDF invoice from your BirdEase site and can send you a check or cash later.  

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