1. Start with an image that is a minimum 1900x1200 px.  If you try to create a custom background with an image smaller than this, it will either appear pixelated or as a "tile"  -  which is probably going to be undesirable to you. 
  2. Resize your image using an online image resizer like this one: http://resizeimage.net/ . Make sure to crop your image down to exactly 1900x1200px - save to your computer. 
  3. Navigate to "Images and Logos" in the BirdEase Event Manager Control Panel.  Upload your new resized image as a "Background" - select Top Left Don't Scroll, and give the image a distinctive title so you'll be able to complete step 5. 

4. Upload your image.
5. View your website, click "Look and Feel"  -  Select a Background  -  My Backgrounds  -  Select the desired Background from the list that pops up.

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