Sometimes a main registrant does not want to pay for the whole registration, whether it is a stand alone item, or a larger item that also contains golfer or participants.

Here are your options to deal with this...

  1. Everyone gives their money to the registrant and the registrant pays for the whole thing. 
  2. Everyone purchases and individual golfer registration, and the event manager (you) can simply place them on the same hole to start with the TEE SHEET in REGISTRANTS.  You can have have them write their team name in the “special comments” section, and prompt them to do so with something like 'please enter the team name or who you want to golf with if registering alone'.  This text would be added in the ADMIN > ABOUT THE EVENT > Options Tab > Registration Process Options:

3. If you’re offering a discounted rate to Foursomes and the Foursome participants want to take advantage of said discounted rate, you can create an entirely separate registration item called “Foursome Participant” and set it up much like a “single golfer” package, except it will be slightly less expensive.  Just divide your “foursome” price by 4, and that’s your price for the “Foursome Participant” registration item.  You’ll want to create a custom question for this particular registration item: “What Foursome are you part of?”  And ask it of the golfer.  On the back end, you’ll just need to manage the team by starting them off at the same tee.

4. Yet another option would be to add a custom “promo code” valid on any single golfer package if they are playing as part of a team.  These settings are flexible enough per discounting total dollars, or a percentage, that you can achieve basically anything if necessary....

In the end - the BEST solution for your sanity is to just tell the people to go buy their own items and you group them all together in Registrants!

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