Ready to upload a csv, or are looking to upload an email list?

Here is a simple guide to uploading a csv. This will help you get a jump start on those 'Save the Dates', sending out reminders, as well as any important messages.

 In your Event Manager, head on over to the Message Center. Here you'll want to click on the section to the right titles Email Lists.

Create a new list by selecting New List.

Your screen will look like the one below. You can now import a csv. We've even included a sample csv for you to easily add those emails into. When you select CSV document, you will be offered the sample.

Important notes:

Ensure that your list is in the same format as the Sample CSV

If your document is in XLS, or XLSX, make sure you File->Save As from the given program and choose "CSV" as the output format/type.

If asked, delimit with a comma. 

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