How to upload a PDF flyer to your website so people can click and print it

  1. Upload your PDF file to "Images and Logos" 
  2. Give it a title
  3. Find an editable text area somewhere on the site, place your cursor in the text area, and click the "Insert/edit image" icon at the top right of the text area.  This will open a new dialog box which will give you the option to choose your PDF from the "Image List."  When you choose the image, copy the "Image URL" by right clicking on the "broken image" of the PDF and clicking "View Image Info".  Then copy the URL shown next to "Location".  This is what you'll use as the "Link." 
  4. Find the section on your page where you want people to be able to click, to download your flier.  Type text such as, "Download our PDF Flier Here."  
  5. Highlight the text you typed and click the 'Chain Link' Icon at the top of the text box, and paste the URL into the resulting text box.  This turns your text into a link, and the link will bring your user to your PDF.  That way, they can download and/or print it!

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