⛳ FORE!! Look out.... time to make some changes to registrations!

Let's face it - not everything in a charity golf event goes as planned.

Participants will sometimes register for your event and then change their minds. Whether they need to add golfers to their registration, add more items, reduce the number of golfers, there are many things that can happen AFTER a registration has been "finalized." 

  1. In the "Registrants" section of the Event Manager, navigate to the registration that needs to be edited and uncheck "Paid."  (Please note that you can check/uncheck "Paid" both here and/or within the registration itself) 
  2. Click the orange "Registration" button (located next to Edit). This will put you directly into the registration so you can make the necessary edits.
  3. Add/subtract items from the registration cart. 
  4. When you have the cart the way you want it, you can click the "Action" button on the top right to download the invoice, resend registration email, or view on the event site.  (You can also delete the registration entirely using this button).
  5. If your edits have caused any changes to the number of golfers in the registration, the additional golfers will be added to the bottom of the registration where their information can be inputted. 
  6. Under Registration Items, check "Paid"
  7. Click the Back button on the top left of the page.

And you're done! 

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