⛳ FORE!! Look out.... time to make some changes to registrations!

Let's face it - not everything in a charity golf event goes as planned.

Participants will sometimes register for your event and then change their minds. Whether they need to add golfers to their registration, add more items, reduce the number of golfers, there are many things that can happen AFTER a registration has been "finalized." 

  1. In the "Registrants" section, navigate to the registration to be edited and uncheck "Paid." 
  2. Click "Registration."  This will put you directly into the registration so you can make edits to is, as if you were the registrant. 
  3. Click "Register" (sometimes this button will be renamed, as in our example). 
  4. Add/subtract items from the registration cart. 
  5. When you have the cart the way you want it, click back into the "Control Panel" in the top left corner and navigate back to "Registrants." 
  6. If your edits have caused any changes to the number of golfers in the registration, click "Golfers."  This will put you into the Golfer information page and will "reset" the golfer tally. 
  7. Click back into the Control Panel and navigate to Registrants again. 
  8. Check "Paid" 
  9. And you're done! 

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