If you're trying to send a bulk email to a group of people who are involved with your event, follow these instructions. 

  1.  Navigate to the Message Center.  If you're viewing your website, click Manage This Event, then Message Center.

Or, if you're in the Control Panel already, just click the Message Center tab....

Create A Message (this is also known as constructing the "Look & Feel."

When you're done creating your message, it will save automatically.

Click "Recipients."  This allows you to choose who will receive the email.

Registrants/Golfers:  These are people who have registered for your event OR are golfing in your event.  You'll also be able to select Registrants and Golfers from other events in your account, such as people who have registered or golfed in prior events

CSV Document: If you have a database of people you'd like to email from BirdEase, you can do so by uploading them in a CSV.  Make sure to download the Sample CSV so you upload everything properly.

Email List: If you have a pre-existing list in BirdEase, you can send your email to only those people. 

Previous Email Message: If you'd like to send your email only to those people who received a previous email, you can do that as well.

When you decide who you'd like to receive this email, you can make any edits or deletions to the list in the next screen, and even send yourself a test. 

When you're ready to send your email to remaining people in the list, simply click "Send & Track." 

Your message will be placed into the queue and sent to your desired recipients. 

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