Uploading Images for Registration Items 

Adding Registration and Sponsorship items is certainly one of the most important steps in creating your charity event website. If the section is utilized to its full potential, registrants will be able to read about what each package includes (along with a graphic) and how many packages are available, as well as purchase an item right from the webpage and upload their own logo for you to display. 

Adding an image to registration items will not only make them more visually appealing on the front-end of your site, it will also give the registrant some context about what it is they are purchasing. You really can get creative here, maybe by uploading photos of the course itself or photos taken at past events. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps it takes to update and display an image for registration items. 

Uploading and Image for Registration and Sponsorship Items

The first step is navigating to the Registration Items page in your Event Manager. 

From here, you will select whatever item it is you would like to edit. On the top of the box, you will see five tabs: select the “Image” tab. Before uploading your image, you will first want to find one that is suitable and save it somewhere on your computer that is easily retrievable.

Select “Browse”, find the file you’d like to use and click “Upload”. 

Your chosen image will now show up where the Upload option was. 

If your Image is not showing up on the Registration Item. 

To ensure that the image will show up on the public site, navigate back to the “General” tab under your chosen item and select both “Display Image and Description For Item” and “Show on Register Page” and “Show on Sponsorship Page” (depending on where you’d like your item showcased. 

Next, look at your public site to make sure the image is showing. 

This little detail makes a world of difference. It adds a focal point to each Sponsorship item, and makes your site (and charity event) look more complete and exciting. 

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