After much hard work, the charity event website you’ve been working on has finally come together. The sponsorship packages are in place, About Us filled with valuable information, Look & Feel fully customized and looking good. It’s time to put all your hard work out into the world and begin raising money and managing your event. 

Navigating the Publishing / Users section is the last step to going live with the site you’ve created. Not to mention, it’s the hub for ensuring that your sponsors can purchase packages and individuals can register to participate. 

Getting familiar with this section is simple yet essential in making the most of your site. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the key functions of this section and show you how you can use it as a tool to make the most of your event website.

What are the key functions of the Publishing / Users section?

The Publishing / Users section is usually the last stop before your event website goes live. To get there, you will first want to log in to your dashboard and select the event you are working on. From the back end of your site, you can navigate to this section from the Event Manager panel on the left-hand side of the screen (as shown). 

Once you reach this page, there are three basic buttons that you’ll need to run your site successfully. These buttons are “Publish Event Web Site”, “Website Accepting Standard Items”, and “Website Accepting Sponsorship Items”.

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