One of the additional features in this section allows you to grant user access to the Administrative area of your site. This will come in handy if you have multiple event managers who would like to make changes to the site. When you click on the “Add New Manager” button, you will be brought to a new page requesting the first name and email address of the new manager.

Once filled in, click “Add Event Manager”

You will then be brought back to the Publishing / Users page, and will receive the green message above. In addition, the new manager (and you) will receive a confirmation email that looks something like this:

Email the new User will Receive. 

When the new manager confirms their participation by clicking the link, they will have full access to the site’s management. 

There you have it, the basic and essential functions of the Publishing / Users section. Now you have the knowledge needed to make your event website live to the public and promote it across multiple platforms. 

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