Creating a Sponsorship or Registration Package 

First thing’s first, creating a new package. This can be done with the click of a button. A big gray button on the left-hand side of the section entitled “Add New Item”. 

After you’ve clicked this button, you’ll see a new item will appear at the bottom of the gray bar labeled “My Items”. 

When you add a new item, the package that automatically generates is called “New Standard Item”. If you look at the front-end of your site, you’ll also see that this package needs a lot of customization to really show off what is being offered. 

The first thing that should be changed, of course, is the title. In this example, I’ve changed the title to “Sponsorship Package”, but the names could really vary. 

Remember: BirdEase software is not solely for golf tournaments. Feel free to get creative here and make sure each package really represents the event. 

As shown, you will want to change the title of the package under “Name”. 

Now you can see that the new name is reflected under the “My Items” tab. 

Now that the Sponsorship Package has been created, you can start customizing things like the descriptions, quantities, and how they will be displayed. Don’t forget, there is much more that you will be able to edit beyond these basic things. 

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