Editing quantities 

Let’s say that you have an exclusive Title Sponsorship and there is only one package available for purchase. Or maybe you only have 18 hole sponsorships available. With our software, you can edit the quantity of each item if it is relevant. Some packages will be unlimited, in which case you can forego this feature—which we’ll walk you through as well. 

To edit the quantity of an item, you can use the up and down arrows to the right of the number shown. If the number of packages is on the higher side, you can also input a “Custom Quantity”, by clicking the blue text beneath the quantity box. 

Simple enough. But, for your quantity to reflect anything about the packages available, you will want to check the “Track Quantity” box. Once this is done (and saved), our system will keep track of how many packages you’ve sold. If you want registrants to be able to see the amount available on the front-end, you will want to make sure to keep the “Hide Quantity” box unchecked as shown. 

Once all of your packages are shown, the package will still appear on whatever page you choose to display it on, but a “Sold” banner will appear to indicate to registrants that there are none left for purchase. 

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