Displaying Packages and Registration Items on Site

Once your packages are completely edited, you’ll want to display them to the public. When you create a new registration item, the settings will not default to displaying the item on the ‘Register’ or ‘Sponsorship’ page. 

Displaying the items is simple, you will want to click either box, or both, depending on how much visibility you want the package to have.

For Sponsorship items, it is common to select both boxes, but this would be unnecessary for Registration items. For those, you would only want to select ‘Show on Register Page’.   Anything is possible, you can - Show on Register Page, Show on Sponsor Page, Both, or leave all unchecked to hide the item without deleting it for later use.   

Changing the Order of Display on the Website

When you display the package, it will show up on the front-end in the same order as it does on the back-end. You can change the order of items by using the “Display Order” buttons at the top. 

That concludes the basics of the Registration Items section: the main takeaways being how to add items, re-name them, add a description, customize quantities and make them visible on your public site. Hopefully you are able to take this new information and apply it to your own site, which can potentially maximize the overall success of your event. 

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