If you are at all familiar with online shopping, then you know that promo codes are certainly one of the coolest aspects. Who doesn’t love an exclusive sale? At BirdEase, we operate on a full cart system, which means that we have been able to integrate promo codes into the registration process. This can be a great way to promote the sale of certain packages and increase the overall registrants at your event. 

Like the rest of our system, we’ve made creating and applying promo codes simple for the event manager. As the promo codes will be applied in the registration process, the first step will be navigating to the “Registration Items” page on the back-end of your site.

From here, you will select any sponsorship package, and then navigate to the fourth tab in on the top, entitled “Promo/Discounts”. Once you are here, the rest of the process becomes pretty straight-forward. You will see the button "Manage Promo Codes & Discounts". This is where you will click the blue plus button and choose the text that can be entered during the registration process as well as the corresponding amount to be discounted from the overall cost. The amount can be chosen in either dollars or percentage. 

For example, you could choose the code "Take50" to be applied in order for the registrant to receive 50% off. Or, you could use the code "golf" to take $100 off the item's total. 

Once you've come up with a code to apply, simply choose your discount by clicking the drop-down box next to "Add Existing Promotion to Item", then click "Add to (Your Registration Item)" in this case "Add to Hole Sponsor". Make sure the code is added for each registration or sponsorship item you'd like the code to apply to. 

How to Comp a Team with a Promo Code

There are many times where teams are looking to register, and because they are giving back to your tournament (sponsoring, providing food/drink, providing help and support, etc...) you are looking to give them a thank you by giving them the opportunity to golf for free.

There's a promo code for that!

Setting up a promo code is a great way to comp that team. Set up the promo for 100% discount, make sure they have that code, and when they register make sure they put that promo code in the field.

That's it!


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