Adding Extra Content in Addition to Descriptions

If you’d like to include a description for your package in addition to the Extra Content, that is completely possible. There are a few instances that this would be effective: including adding notes about registration that are not included in the package description, and marking “Sponsorship Opportunities” on the registration page. 

The first thing you would do is add the description in the description.  Once saved, you will navigate to the “Extra Content” tab to add any information below the registration item. 

A good example of when you may use Extra Content in addition to a description is when labeling the Sponsorship Opportunities available (if you would like them to also appear on the ‘Register’ page.) Here is an example of that: 

In this instance, you will want to add “Sponsorship Opportunities” in the last registration item before the Sponsorships will appear.


This breaks up the packages that are available and clearly indicates where the Sponsorships begin on the registration page. To make the most out of this label, be sure to leave about a line of space both on the top and bottom of the text. You may also want to use the largest font so it is clear to the registrants where the Sponsorship packages begin.

Extra Content is an especially useful tool for formatting your site and making it look clean and concise. If you happen to have a lot of Sponsorship Packages, you may want to consider solely using Extra Content to consolidate your information and make it easier for registrants to access. Hopefully this post has given you the basic knowledge to utilize the Extra Content function so you can start to get creative with it! 

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