Uploading your Tournament Logo image is the first, and easiest step, in displaying it on your public site. 

First, make sure that you have the image you want to use located somewhere on your computer that is accessible (such as your desktop). One of the most important pieces of information to take from this tutorial is the type of format the file needs to be in. We can only effectively use .JPEG, .GIF, and .PNG files. If your file happens to be a PSds or source file, there are typically ways for you to convert the image into one of the acceptable formats. If all else fails, you can take a screenshot of the image, especially if the image is just for general use. There are specific minimum dimensions we require for images that will be used as a banner or background, but that will be discussed later. 

To simply upload an image, you will want to be logged into your Dashboard from which you will navigate to the back-end of your site. Navigate to “Images & Logos” under the Event Manager, and this will bring you to where all the magic happens. 

As you can see, it is quite straightforward to upload an image from here. First, you will select “Select Image”, and a box will appear with all the files on your computer.  As previously mentioned, you will want to store your image somewhere that is easily accessible from this point.

Select whichever image you’d like to use, and choose “Open” (sometimes the exact command will be different depending on your individual server). Once the image has been selected, make sure to fill out the “Image Name” in the box below. This will be important for accessing the image later. 

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