Effectively Using Your Logo on the Site - follow the steps below: 

  1. You will upload the image that represents your organization or tournament.  To do this, first navigate to the Images & Logos section from the Event Manager.  
  2. Under "Upload Image" click the drop-down box titled "Image Use" and select "My Logo"
  3. Choose the image you would like to use as your event Logo by clicking on "Select Image".
  4. If using the left-hand navigation, you want the logo to be as square as possible. If the image is not square, it may show up as smaller or more off-centered than intended. It should fit into the box shown below almost perfectly. 

 If the logo is not able to be fit into a square, the best option would usually be to apply the horizontal navigation, which can be done through the Look and Feel tab on the forward-facing site. As shown, when the template is changed to horizontal navigation, the logo will appear on the sidebar, above where “Our Supporters” would be. 

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