Perhaps you find yourself in the situation of needing to know each golfer’s shirt size during the registration process so you can order them correctly. Or maybe you would like to know if the registrant has any dietary restrictions that you will need to accommodate at dinner. 


When creating Registration Items, we have made it simple to create and apply custom questions to registration packages. 

First, navigate to the ‘Registration Items’ section. Choose the item that you would like to apply the question to, and go to the last horizontal tab called “Custom Questions”. When on this page, enter a question that you’d like to ask in the box below “Create A New Question”. 


When you click “Add” this question will appear below where it says “Assign Question(s) to, and it will automatically be checked in the item it was created for. If you’d like to make this question apply to multiple items, simply select a different item, and click the box next to the question--which will automatically appear. 


Be sure to select “Save” for each individual item once you’ve clicked the box.


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