Perhaps you find yourself in the situation of needing to know each golfer’s shirt size during the registration process so you can order them correctly. Or maybe you would like to know if the registrant has any dietary restrictions that you will need to accommodate at dinner. 

 When creating Registration Items, we have made it simple to create and apply custom questions to registration packages. 

First, navigate to the ‘Registration Items’ section. Choose the item that you would like to apply the question to, and go to the last horizontal tab called “Custom Questions”. When on this page, enter a question that you’d like to ask by clicking “Manage Custom Questions & Fields". 

 Click the blue Plus (+) button and enter your question in the Question Text field. Then choose whether the question applies to The Golfer(s) or the Registration.  This question will appear in the drop down box next to "Add Existing Question to Item". Click Add To (Your chosen Registration Item). 

If you’d like to make this question apply to multiple items, simply select a different Registration Item, and click "Add to (Your Registration Item)" -- If you have multiple custom questions, make sure the correct question is showing in the drop down next to "Add Existing Question to Item" field. 

Please note, if you'd like to ask the same question but apply it to the "Registration" instead of "Golfer(s)" (or vice versa), you will need to add a new question by following the aforementioned steps.  

If you select the "Registration", then the question will be mandatory and will be asked with all of the other information about the registrant. When you select that the question be applied to the "Golfer(s)", this question will be asked for each individual golfer that is included in the registration right after it asks for their name and email.

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