With BirdEase, we provide you as an event manager with the tools to either link an outside merchant account, or create your own account through our software from which you can take payments.


All of this can be done through the Payment Options section. First, navigate to “Payment Options” on the left-hand sidebar in the backend of your site. Once you are here, take a look at the first horizontal tab which is titled “Accept Credit Cards & Payments”. 


When scrolling through the options provided, you will find a multitude of different merchant gateways that we work with. Some of the most popular are Authorize.net, First Data and Paypal. If you have a preexisting account, then your best option might be to simply link that in payment options. Doing this is simple, just select which merchant account you would like to use and select the button that says “Use ___”. Depending on which offsite option you choose, you will be prompted to enter specific credentials. For example, if you are choosing PayPal, you will simply need to enter the email address associated with that account. For First Data, you will be asked for a Gateway ID and password, etc. 

 If you do not have a preexisting merchant account, ask us about implementing BirdEase payments.  


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