One of the great features of our software with regard to Payment Options is our beautiful, automatic PDF invoicing. Each registrant will be able to download their invoice, and then of course you as the event manager will be able to access all of those in the Registrants section. 


As the event manager, you are also able to edit the content of each invoice. Including the address that appears in the top left corner of the invoice, and any special notes you would like the registrant to see upon downloading their invoice. 


First, you will navigate to the Payment Options on the left-hand sidebar of your event manager. From here, you will be brought to a page that lists all of the merchant accounts, above which are three horizontal tabs. Select the last tab, “Invoice Options” and you will be brought to a page containing a couple text editors. 


The first one is the ‘Invoice “From” Text’. In order to apply what you write here, be sure to check the second box that says “Override Invoice From”. This is where you will place the address of your company, which is especially useful if you are accepting mail-in checks. 


Another useful feature if you are accepting checks is the “Payment Note Text” just below. You can put a variety of notes to be displayed on the invoice here. Probably most common is “Make checks payable to _____.” However, this is also a good place to note whether your charity is a 501 ( c )(3), or anything else that will be useful to the registrant to know. If you are planning to utilize this, be sure to select the “Display Payment Notes?” option above the editor. 


Finally, we have included an editor where you can enter the Terms of Agreement on your invoice if you choose to. This will be displayed below your invoice, but would be an excellent way to list any brief terms and conditions. 





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