Creating registration and sponsorship items that registrants can purchase on-site may be the most important part of launching your event website. This is why it is important to create items that are descriptive, organized and visually pleasing. Of course, there are some advanced settings that can be applied to items which will contribute to their overall functionality-- but in this article we will just discuss the bare bones of making a quality registration/sponsorship items. 

There are a few things that are beneficial to include: A price (of course!), a description of what the package will include (so registrants know what they are signing up for), and a picture related to the item to give a visual aid and make the whole page look more interesting. 

Head to the “Registration Items” section of your event manager where you can create a new registration item with the click of a button--- this particular button is titled “Add New Item” and is located right above the editor. A “New Standard Item” will automatically be created, and this is where the customization will begin. First, change the title to something that represents the package you are selling: some examples could be “Dinner Sponsor”, “Foursome”, “Hole Sponsor” or “Individual Golfer”. You get the idea. 

Right next to the title, there is a box where you can change the price. The pre-set price is $50, but you can change it to whatever you’d like. You will see some options with regards to where your item will be displayed. You can also choose to hide the image and description of an item by un-checking that particular box. In most cases, you will want to display those, and have them appear on the registration or sponsorship page (sometimes both, but usually only if it is a sponsorship package.) 

At the very bottom is an editor, and this is where you will add any information pertaining to what the package includes. Make sure to adjust the size and spacing to your preference-- of course you want to make sure that the text is legible and neat. (Below this box there is also a checkbox asking if you’d like to allow the registrants to upload sponsor logos. This can be a seamless way to include their logo on your Supporters sidebar and page. The image will automatically show up in the Images & Logos section once uploaded, and from there you can decide what you’d like to do with it.) 

In the second horizontal tab is where you can upload an image for the registration or sponsorship item. Select an image that you feel represents the package and then simply upload. 



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