When you create your custom BirdEase site, you can also make a vanity URL. This can be done in a couple simple steps. First, go to the “About The Event” section in your event manager. The first box where you are able to input text will be your vanity URL. 

Whatever you enter here will appear after www.birdeasepro.com/. If the event I was making was called “Olivia’s Trial Golf Classic”, I might make my URL www.birdeasepro.com/OliviasTrialGolfClassic


Once you’ve decided on a URL, click update, and green text will appear letting you know that your vanity URL has been set. If the URL is not available, you will be prompted with red text letting you know that is the case. If you have multiple years of events with us, and would like to keep the same URL each year, you will just update the previous year’s URL with the year after it. For example: www.birdeasepro.com/OliviasTrialGolfClassic2016. This will make the original URL available which you will then implement on the new site. 



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