If you hold a tournament or charity event annually and have had success with our software in the past, this article is for you. We’ve made it simple to purchase a new event credit and if it is for a previous event, we will even do all of the work involved with transferring that information to your new site. 


The first step is to go to www.birdeasepro.com. Once you are here, you can log in to your account with the top right button entitled “Login”. After you’ve logged in, the top black bar on the top will give you a series of options. For these purposes, you will click the “Dashboard” button, which will bring you to a page that lists all of your previous events. 


At the top of this page there is a button that says “Purchase New Event”. When you click this, and enter all of the requested information, you’ve created a new event! We will see it come through and transfer over all the information minus the registrants from the previous year’s  event to the new site. Your old information will be archived in your dashboard so that you can always refer back to it. Then we will send you a detailed email with what was done and things to check.  This will give you a head start getting this year's event site up and running!


If you would prefer to start fresh with the new event credit by entering in new information--just let us know! 


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