Increasing the list of automated email recipients can help to take a load off a single event manager!

Sometimes it takes a team of people to organize and manage a golf event. In previous articles, we have shown you how to add an event manager under the Publishing & Users section. This will be for individuals whom you would like to have full access to the back end of your site. They will be able to see everything as you do.

Another option that may help with tracking registrants, is adding email notification recipients in the Message Center. The individuals you add here will not have full access to the back end of your event, however, they will receive all of the automated emails that are sent to event managers when someone registers. 

To do this, simply go into the message center. Select “Notifications” in the left hand sidebar. Under “Notification Recipients”, add any email addresses that you would like to ensure receive the automated emails. 

This simple process can make your registrants easier to track down if you run into a situation where you are unsure of someone’s status.


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