When you use BirdEase, you will get to create a custom URL that people can easily use to get to your site. It will look something like this: www.birdeasepro.com/WhateverYouWant. But, perhaps you have a custom domain that you would like to use to direct your registrants to your charity event site. See the example below. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase a domain unless you really want to.

If this option is for you, the first thing you will want to do is set your BirdEase URL. This will make it easy to have your domain forwarded to us. You can do that in the “About the Event” section in the back-end of your event. Be sure to click “Update” right next to the box when you have chosen this URL. Also, make sure you receive a message in green that says your Vanity URL has been updated.

Next, you will want to find domain forwarding on the host site. A common one is GoDaddy.

Here you can set forward settings. Simply enter your BirdEase URL and be sure to select “Forward Only” (do not select “masking”). 

Once these changes are made, you will be able to send your custom domain to potential registrants, and it will bring them to your BirdEase site. 

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