Within the BirdEase software should be all the basic tools needed to run a charity event. However, each event is different, and sometimes event managers would like to showcase something additional. This could include a page of information regarding accommodations, other upcoming events, or videos from previous years events.

Whatever the case may be, we are happy to help you incorporate an extra page onto your site. The first step is actually speaking with one of us and requesting one. We can simply add an Extra Page for you, and then you will have free reign as far as editing it goes. 

Once we let you know that the extra page has been added, go into the back-end of your site. If you scroll to the very bottom you should see a new tab in your Event Manager called “Extra Pages”. When you click on that you will see a button entitled “Extra Page”. When you click this you will be brought to an editor, where you can input any information you’d like to include. Be sure to change the page title, header text and navigation text to reflect the content of the page. Also be sure to check the box that says “Visible on Site?” (for obvious reasons). 

Now, check out the front end of your site. The type of navigation you choose in Look & Feel will impact the placement of your new page. If you are in left-hand navigation, the page will show up in the sidebar along with all of the other pages on your site. If in horizontal, the page will appear as a drop-down from the About Us page. 


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