Creating your own vanity URL specific to your event will help visitors easily get to your site. You can include this link on marketing materials and promotional posts on social media. We encourage event managers to utilize this feature to really make a site their own. The default URL will just end in 4 numbers, for example:

In order to edit your vanity URL, go to “About the Event” in your Event Manager. On the first tab (Event Information), the top box is provided for you to create your vanity URL. The part is automatic, so all you need to type in this box is what you want to appear after the backslash. For example, if your desired URL is, you would just type “GolfClassic”. The system will indicate whether that URL is available--in which case it will be changed for you. If not, some red text will appear letting you know it’s taken and you will have to tweak it or come up with a new URL. 

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